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WWII Patch, AAF, 451-BS 322-BG 3AF 8AF 9AF #2

WWII Patch, AAF, 451-BS 322-BG 3AF 8AF 9AF  #2

Product Information
WWII US Army Air Force Squadron Patch #2  (early war)
USAAF 451BS, 322BG, 3AF / 8AF / 9AF
451st Bombardment Squadron, 322nd Bomb Group, 3rd AF / 8th AF / 9th AF

Walt Disney Design - Stork
~4.25 inches

Established as a B-26 Marauder medium bomber squadron in mid-1942; trained under Third Air Force in Florida. Deployed to European Theater of Operations (ETO), being assigned to VIII Bomber Command 3d Bombardment Wing in England. Engaged in attacks on enemy targets in France and the Low Countries; being reassigned to IX Bomber Command in 1943 with the establishment of Ninth Air Force in England. Also supported VIII Bomber Command strategic bombardment raids in Occupied Europe and Nazi Germany, attacking enemy airfields to disrupt interceptor attacks on heavy bomber formations and destroy enemy interceptor aircraft on the ground before they could be launched.
After D-Day deployed to Advanced Landing Grounds in France and later Belgium. Provided tactical air support and bombardment of enemy strong points and military targets to disrupt resistance to Allied ground forces advancing from the French invasion beaches and the ensuing offensives on the continent; 1944-1945. Attacked enemy forces as part of the Western Allied invasion of Germany, 1945 and continued offensive tactical operations in support of ground forces until German capitulation in May 1945.  Became part of the United States Air Forces in Europe army of occupation in Germany during 1945. Demobilized in place and personnel returned to the United States in the fall of 1945; squadron inactivated as a paper unit in December 1945.
  from wikipedia

    Constituted 451st Bombardment Squadron (Medium) on 19 June 1942
    Activated on 17 July 1942
    Inactivated on 11 December 1945

    * MacDill Field, Florida, 17 July 1942
    * Drane Field, Florida, 22 September-15 November 1942
    * RAF Rattlesden (AAF-126), England, 1 December 1942
    * RAF Bury St Edmunds (Rougham) (AAF-468), England, 22 March 1943
    * RAF Andrews Field (Great Saling) (AAF-485), England, 12 June 1943
    * Beauvais/Tille Airfield (A-61), France, c. 29 September 1944
    * Le Culot Airfield (A-89), Belgium, c. 26 March 1945
    * AAF Station Arolsen, Germany, July 1945
    * Clastres Airfield, France, c. 1 October-3 December 1945
    * Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, 9–11 December 1945

    * Distinguished Unit Citation: ETO (14 May 1943-24 July 1944)
B-26 Marauder (1942–1945)

322d Bombardment Group (Medium)
The 322d Bombardment Group (Medium) arrived at RAF Bury St Edmunds (a World War II airfield in England. The field is located 3 miles E of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. The airfield, now in private ownership and much reduced in size, is still active and is known as Rougham Airfield.)  on December 1942 from Drane AAF, Florida, a satellite installation of nearby MacDill Air Force Base / MacDill Field where the 322d originally began their pre-deployment training. The group was assigned to the 3d Bomb Wing and flew Martin B-26B/C Marauders. Operational squadrons of the 322d were:
    * 449th Bombardment (PN)
    * 450th Bombardment (ER)
    * 451st Bombardment (SS) **(at RAF Rattlesden)
    * 452d Bombardment (DR) **(at RAF Rattlesden)
Ongoing construction at Bury St. Edmunds forced two of the group's squadrons to locate at RAF Rattlesden, and the group's aircraft did not arrive until late in March 1943. Once operational, the 322d flew two low-level bombing operations from Bury St. Edmunds. The first, on 14 May when it dispatched 12 planes for a minimum-level attack on an electrical generating plant near Ijtnuiden. This was the first operational combat mission flown by B-26s. The second was a disastrous mission to Holland on Monday, 17 May, when the group sent 11 aircraft on a similar operation from which none of the aircraft penetrating the enemy coast, returned. 60 crewmen were lost to flak and interceptors. Group morale was not improved when, on 29 May, a B-26 crashed onto the airfield killing the crew and damaging a hangar.  After these missions, the group was re-equipped and trained for medium-altitude operations for several weeks before returning to combat operations. On 13 June, the 322d moved to RAF Andrews Field in Essex.

Ninth Air Force - First Pathfinder Squadron
Location: European Theater, England and France. Provisional, flew last ever B-26 Mission May 3, 1945.
Bomb Squadrons:
   1st Pathfinder Squadron (Provisional), detached. (1944-1945)
         Stations: Great Saling (Station #485), England (Feb. 1944 - Sept. 1944);
                         Beauvais-Tille (Station #A-61), France (Sept. 1944-1945)
   322d Bomb Group Location: European Theater (Originally part of the Eighth Air Force, Transferred Oct. 1943)

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Product Code: PatchAAF.0451.451BS.322BG.3AF.8AF.9AF.v2
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