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WWII Patch, USN, VS-42 USS Ranger (CV-4)

WWII Patch, USN, VS-42  USS Ranger (CV-4)

Product Information
WWII US Navy Squadron Patch
Antisubmarine Reconnaissance Scout Squadron 42
Scouting Squadron Forty Two (VS-42), USS Ranger (CV-4) / SBU-1
Walt Disney Design
4.5 inches

VS = Antisubmarine Reconnaissance Scout Squadron

VS-42 was flying the Neutrality Patrol in 1940 using U.S. Navy Vought SBU-1 dive bombers of scouting squadron.  At the beginning of World War II, when Nazi Germany's invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939 started the hostilities in Europe, President Franklin D. Roosevelt immediately declared the United States’ neutrality.  The Neutrality Patrol, organized in September 1939 as a response to the war in Europe, was ordered to track and report the movements of any warlike operations of belligerents in the waters of the Western Hemisphere. To augment the fleet units already engaged in the Neutrality Patrol which President Roosevelt had placed around the eastern seaboard and Gulf ports, the Navy recommissioned 77 destroyers and light minelayers which had lain in reserve at either Philadelphia or San Diego.  The Neutrality Patrol led to U.S. warships assisting British Royal Navy vessels in convoying merchant shipping across the Atlantic Ocean. This placed U.S. naval personnel at considerable risk, as shown by the sinking of the destroyer USS Reuben James from Convoy HX-156 by U-552 on 31 October 1941.  VS-42 used 3 Devastators between December 1940 and December 1941.

American Volunteer Group (AVG) Flying Tigers Pilot J. Gilpin Bright was originally from Navy VS-42. He was a P-40 pilot who was commissioned in China (AAF).

USS Ranger (CV-4)
     Ranger Air Group

         Bombing Squadron Four (VB-4) / SB2U-2 and N2Y-1
         Fighting Squadron Four (VF-4) / F3F-1, SBU-1 and SU-3
         Scouting Squadron Forty One (VS-41) SBU-1

       Scouting Squadron Forty Two (VS-42) SBU-1

The Ranger was the first U.S. Navy ship to be designed and built from the keel up as an aircraft carrier.  Her keel was laid at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co, Newport News, Virginia on 26 Sep 31.  She was launched on 25 Feb 33 and commissioned on 4 Jun 34.  USS Ranger was returning to Norfolk, Virginia from an ocean patrol extending to Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, British West Indies when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  At that time, the Ranger Air Group consisted of:
  Fighting Squadron Five (VF-5) with 18 Grumman F4F-3 and 1 F4F-3A Wildcats
  Fighting Squadron Forty One (VF-41) with 17 Grumman F4F-3 Wildcats and 2 North American SNJ-3s
  Scouting Squadron Forty One (VS-41) with 8 Vought SB2U-1 and 2 SB2U-2 Vindicators
  Scouting Squadron Forty Two (VS-42) with 9 Vought SB2U-1 and 6 SB2U-2 Vindicators
  Torpedo Squadron Four (VT-4) with 3 Douglas TBD-1 Devastators

May 9, 1941 Fri. - Atlantic - TG-1, comprising carrier Ranger (CV-4) (VF-41, VS-41 and VS-42), heavy cruiser Vincennes (CA-44), and destroyers Sampson (DD-394) and Eberle (DD-430), sets out from Bermuda to begin a 4,675-mile neutrality patrol that will conclude at Bermuda on 23 May.

May 31, 1941 Sat. - Atlantic - TG-1 (Rear Admiral Arthur B. Cook), comprising Yorktown (CV-5) (VF-41, VS-41, VS-42, and VT-5), heavy cruiser Vincennes (CA-44), and destroyers Sampson (DD-394) and Gwin (DD-433), departs Bermuda for 4,550-mile neutrality patrol that will conclude at Hampton Roads, Virginia, on 12 June.

Jun 29, 1941 Sun. - Atlantic - TG-2.8, comprising carrier Yorktown (CV-5) (VF-42, VS-42, VMO-1, and half of VMS-1), heavy cruisers Quincy (CA-39) and Vincennes (CA-44), and destroyers Wainwright (DD-419), Hammann (DD-412), Mustin (DD-413), and Stack (DD-406), departs Hampton Roads for neutrality patrol. Yorktown, accompanied by Wainwright and Stack, depart the patrol on 10 July, returning to Hampton Roads on the 12th; Quincy, Vincennes, Hammann, and Mustin continue the cruise, putting in to Bermuda on 15 July.

Sep 14, 1941 Sun. - Army General Headquarters (GHQ) maneuvers commence in Louisiana. Army's neglect of aviation support for its ground troops during the interwar period compels it to ask the Navy to provide planes to take part. Five Navy (VB-2, VF-41, VF-72, VS-5, and VS-42) and four Marine Corps (VMF-111, VMO-151, VMSB-131, and VMSB-132) squadrons take part in the large-scale war games.

Speed was sacrificed for other essentials under the Washington Naval Treaty reducing the efficiency of the Ranger as a fleet carrier. She spent the war in the Atlantic until 1944 and then was used as a training carrier. She was decommissioned 18 Oct 46.  Her name was struck from the Naval Register on 29 Oct 46 and she was sold for scrap 28 Jan 47.

On 1 march 1943 there was a major redesignation of US Navy squadrons. A revision of the squadron designation system changed Inshore Patrol Squadrons to Scouting Squadrons (VS), Escort Fighting Squadrons (VGF) to Fighting Squadrons (VF), Escort Scouting Squadrons (VGS) to Composite Squadrons (VC) and Patrol Squadrons (VP) operating land type aircraft to Bombing Squadrons (VB). This revision also redesignated carrier Scouting Squadrons (VS) as VB and VC and as a result the types of squadrons on Essex Class carriers was reduced to three. In spite of this change, the aircraft complement of their Air Groups remained at its previous level of 21 VF, 36 VSB and 18 VTB.
VS-42 ---> VB-42 (Air Group 4)

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