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WWII Patch, USN, VF-53 USS Saratoga Battle of Iwo Jima #2

WWII Patch, USN, VF-53  USS Saratoga Battle of Iwo Jima  #2

Product Information
WWII US Navy Squadron Patch #2
Navy Fighter Squadron 53
USS Saratoga (CV-3)
Battle of Iwo Jima

~6 inches

VF-53 Tour of Duty: From 01/1945 to 20/21/1945 CV-3 USS Saratoga CVG-53 F6F-5

According to the Air Group and Squadron summary in the warship pictorial on Lexington class carriers & "Aircraft Carriers of the U. S. Navy";

The USS Saratoga's air groups are as such in 1944 and 1945:
1. 01-02/ 1944: Air group = VF-12 (36x F6F), VB-12 (24x SBD), VT-12 (18x TBM) = 78 Aircraft total.
2. 12/ 1944: Air group 53 = (N) VF-53 (F6F / F6F-SN), VT-53 (TBM-1D), VFN-53 (F6F-5N)= 74 Aircraft total
3. 06/ 1945: Air group 8 = VF-8 (57x F6F / F6F-5N), VT-8 (18x TBM (N)) = 75 Aircraft total.

USS Saratoga was in overhaul from mid-June until September 1944. From October 1944 to January 1945 USS Saratoga was based at Pearl Harbor and used for training night-fighter squadrons with no squadrons officially attached.

1945 - January

  CVG(N) 53
     VF-53 - F6F-3 x 14 F6F-5 x 10
     VFN-53 - F6F-5N x 32
     VTN-53 - TBM-1D x 4 TBM-3D x 14

1945 - February - Iwo Jima Invasion; damaged on Feb 21, 1945

   CVG(N) 53
      VF-53  - F6F-5 x 24
      VFN-53 - F6F-5N x 32 (sometimes F6F-5P x 2)
      VTN-53 - TBM-3D x 14-17
The USS Saratoga was rushed out of Pearl Harbor on 29 January 1945 to form a night fighter task group with Enterprise for the Iwo Jima operation.
USS Saratoga arrived at Ulithi on 7 February and sailed three days later, with Enterprise and four other carrier task groups. After landing rehearsals with Marines at Tinian on 12 February, the carrier force carried out diversionary strikes on the Japanese home islands on the night of 16 and 17 February before the landings on Iwo Jima. USS Saratoga was assigned to provide fighter cover while the remaining carriers launched the strikes on Japan, but, in the process, her fighters raided two Japanese airfields. The force fueled on 18 and 19 February; and, on 21 February 1945, USS Saratoga was detached with an escort of three destroyers to join the amphibious forces and carry out night patrols over Iwo Jima and night heckler missions over nearby Chi-chi Jima. However, as she approached her operating area at 1700 on the 21st, an air attack developed, and taking advantage of low cloud cover and USS Saratoga's insufficient escort, six Japanese planes scored five hits on the carrier in three minutes. USS Saratoga's flight deck forward was wrecked, her starboard side was holed twice and large fires were started in her hangar deck, while she lost 123 of her crew dead or missing. Another attack at 1900 scored an additional bomb hit. By 2015, the fires were under control and the carrier was able to recover aircraft, but she was ordered to Eniwetok and then to the west coast for repairs, and arrived at Bremerton, WA on 16 March. The USS Saratoga returned to Bremerton, WA Naval Base and was under repair from March until May, 1945. She returned to Pearl Harbor in June, 1945 and remained there until the end of the war as a training carrier.  VF-53's Tour of Duty: From 1/1945 to 2/21/1945 USS Saratoga (CV-3) CVG-53 F6F-5.

United States Navy aircraft carrier USS Saratoga (CV 3)

Class: Lexington
Laid down: 09/25/1920
Shipyard: New York Shipbuilding Co., Camden, N.J.
Launched: 04/07 /1925
Commissioned: 11/16 /1927
Decommissioned: 07/25/1946 atom bomb testing, Used as a test target and sunk at Bikini Atoll.
Ship score: 7 Battle Stars

45/01/29 45/02/07 12.2 sail P.H. ---> Ulithi
45/02/10 45/02/21 58.5 Iwo Jima
45/02/21   52.2.4 disable (kami-3x) (24-56N, 142-01E) - 123 KIA/MIA, 192 WIA
45/02/21 45/03/16   sail Iwo Jima ---> Eniwetok ---> Bremerton, WA
45/03/16 45/05/22   Puget Sound Naval Shipyard - repairs
45/05/22 45/06/03   sail Puget Sound ---> Pearl Harbor
45/06/03 45/09/06   Pearl Harbor - training duties
45/07/14 45/07/18 19.1 exercises out of Pearl Harbor
45/07/28 45/08/03 19.1 exercises out of Pearl Harbor

AIR GROUP - 53  list of K.I.A.
Ens. Walter J. Bennett
Henry L. Bugay, AMM1/C
Lt.JG William R. Carey
Lt. Stewart E. Doty
Ormond G. Jackson, AMM1/C
Robert W. Mendenhall, ARM3/C
Ens. John P. Nelson
Elwood L. Moser, AMM1/C
Clyde H. Olsen, AMM1/C
CHCARP. Thomas R. Smith
Renaldo Vellutini, AMM1/C

Price: $180.00 $130.00

Product Code: PatchUSN.053.VF53.ussSaratoga.SoPacific.v2
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