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WWII Patch, USN, VP-62 Alaska Campaign

WWII Patch, USN, VP-62 Alaska Campaign

Product Information
WWII US Navy Squadron Patch
Navy Patrol Squadron 62

Walt Disney Design - Alaska Bear
~4.5 inches

NAS Jacksonville, Florida
Name: Broad Arrows
VP-62 Established: 01MAY42 | Disestablished: 01JUL43

Fleet Air Photographic Squadron Established: 03MAY42
FAPS-2 Redesignated: 11OCT42
VD-2 Redesignated: 01MAR43

The Japanese were still established on Attu and Kiska at the beginning of 1943. Adak and Amchitka had been occupied by the U.S. Army and preparations were being made to dislodge the Japanese from the Aleutians. Attu was secured in May and Kiska was occupied without a fight on August 15. The Japanese had evacuated the garrison.
After initial night attacks on the Japanese Kuril Islands by VP-43 PBYs, the mission to carry the fight was passed to the Venturas and later Harpoons of VBs 131,135,136, and 139. This mission came to be called the “Empire Express.” The PBYs of VPs 43,45, VP-61, and VP-62 also operated  under FAW-4 during this period. Finally, in August 1945, the PB4Ys of VPBs 120 and 122 took over the “Empire Express” mission.

First VP-62,
Lineage, Established as Patrol Squadron SIXTY TWO (VP-62), on 1 May 1942., Disestablished on 1 July 1943.,
Chronology of Significant Events, 1 May 1942: VP-62 was established at NAS, Alameda, Calif., under the operational control of FAW-, 14, as a seaplane squadron flying the Consolidated, PBY-5A Catalina. Training continued at Alameda, through early July 1942., 19–26 Jul 1942: VP-62 departed NAS Alameda for, NAS Kodiak, Alaska. After reporting for duty to FAW-4, the squadron was ordered to Cold Bay, Alaska, where, the squadron became operational on 26 July 1942., 5 Sep 1942: VP-62 was relocated to Dutch Harbor, with a detachment at Umnak, Alaska. At Dutch Harbor, the squadron relieved VP-41 and joined the 12 PBYs, of VP-42 in conducting sector searches and antishipping, patrols. The Japanese navy had occupied Attu, and Kiska on 7 June 1942, putting Dutch Harbor right, on the firing line. Most of the squadron aircraft were, equipped with the often unreliable ASV Mark II radar., Due to the presence of enemy fighter aircraft, patrols, had to be flown with takeoffs just before sunset and, relying on radar for contacts., Nov 1942: VP-62 was relieved and returned to NAS, Seattle, Wash., for overhaul of the squadron aircraft, and crew leave. During this period the squadron came, under the operational control of FAW-6. The squadron, departed Seattle in mid-December for NAS Adak, Alaska., Dec 1942: VP-62 reported aboard at NAS Adak, coming under the operational control of FAW-4. The, squadron deployed a detachment to Amchitka and, conducted offensive patrols along the Aleutians., Jun 1943: VP-62 was relieved for return to NAS, Whidbey Island, Wash. Upon arrival, squadron personnel, were given orders and home leave., 1 Jul 1943: VP-62 was disestablished at NAS, Whidbey Island.,
Home Port Assignments, Location Date of Assignment,
NAS Alameda, Calif. 1 May 1942,
NAS Seattle, Wash. Nov 1942,
NAS Whidbey Island, Wash. Jun 1943,
Commanding Officers, Date Assumed Command, LCDR = Francis R. Jones 1 May 1942,
Aircraft Assignment, Type of Aircraft Date Type First Received = PBY-5A May 1942

Major Overseas Deployments
19 Jul 1942   -  5 Sep 1942 FAW-4 Cold Bay PBY-5A NorPac
5 Sep 1942   -  Nov 1942 FAW-4 Dutch Harbor PBY-5A NorPac
5 Sep 1942*   -  Nov 1942 FAW-4 Umnak PBY-5A NorPac
Dec 1942   -  Jun 1942 FAW-4 Adak PBY-5A NorPac
Dec 1942†  -  Jun 1942 FAW-4 Amchitka PBY-5A NorPac
* The squadron maintained a detachment at UmNak, Alaska during their deployment to Dutch Harbor.
† The squadron maintained a detachment at Amchitka, Alaska during their deployment to Adak.

Wing Assignments
FAW-14 1 May 1942
FAW-4 19 Jul 1942
FAW-6 Nov 1942
FAW-4 Dec 1942
FAW-6 Jun 1943

Besides the composite squadrons (VC), several patrol squadrons (VP) had specific mission requirements that were different from its normal patrol and reconnaissance duties. However, these squadrons still maintained the normal VP designation. In the late 1940's, there were two VP squadrons with a primary mission of photographic and one with an air early warning mission. 61 and 62 were the photographic squadrons and VP-51 was the air early warning squadron.

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