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WWII Patch, USN, VB-92

WWII Patch, USN, VB-92

Product Information
WWII US Navy Squadron Patch
Navy Bombing Squadron 92

VB = Bomb Squadron
3.5 x 5 inches

VB-92 - Est 1 Dec 1944 - 1945 - SB2C-4
Following Formation at NAS Wildwood NJ, VB-92, as part of Carrier Air Group 92, was dispatched for training in Hawaii and then onto Saipan in the Marianna Islands.  VB-92 participated in bombing raids on the Japanese held island of Rota. The air group boarded the USS Lexington (CV-16) which proceeded to Tokyo Bay.
CVG-92 follows the typical progression of an air group working up for deployment to the Pacific.  The air group shows up in the aircraft location reports for the first time on 14 November 1944, scheduled for establishment on 1 December 1944, with VF-92 at Atlantic City NAS, VB-92 at Wildwood NAS, and VT-92 at Martha's Vineyard (South Weymouth) NAS.  No aircraft are noted as being yet assigned.  The air group is scheduled for assignment to USS Boxer (CV-21), located at Newport News.

On 5 December, the squadrons are located in the same places, except now VF-92 has 25 F6F-3, VB-92 has 24 SB2C-1, and VT-92 has 10 TBM-1C. USS Boxer is still at Newport News.

On 2 January 1945 report there are no changes for VF-92, VB-92, and VT-92.  Noted as to being established as of 2 January at Atlantic City is VBF-92.  No aircraft assigned, yet.

On 30 January, no location changes, VF-92 is unchanged, but VBF-92 now has 18 F6F-3, 1 F4U-1 and 3 F4U-1D.  VB-92 is unchanged, but while VT-92's numbers remain the same, the squadron has moved to the warmer climes of Boca Chica NAS.  These are the first F4Us assigned to VBF-92.  Boxer still at Newport News.  The air group is scheduled to be ready for deployment on 1 July 1945.

6 February - VF-92 strength remains unchanged, VBF-92 reports 1 F3A-1, 2 FG-1A, 6 F4U-1, and 7 F4U-1D.  VB-92 reports 14 SB2C-3.  All three of these squadrons have moved to Groton NAS.  VT-92, strength unchanged is still enjoying the sunshine at Boca Chica. The squadron ready for deployment date has moved up to 1 May 1945 and is no longer scheduled for deployment on Boxer.  No other carrier noted.

13 February - The entire air group is together at Groton.  VF-92 strength is 19 F6F-3, 17 F6F-5, and 2 F6F-5P; VBF-92 keeps growing with 5 F3A-1, 3 FG-1A, 4 F4U-1, and 15 F4U-1D; VB-92 has 5 SB2C-3, 3 SB2C-4, and 4 SB2C-4E; VT-92 strength is unchanged.

24 March - Training is apparently picking up.  Squadron is still based at Groton, but detachments are also operating out of the Squantum NAS satellite, Ayer Field NAAF.  VF-92 has 28 F6F-5, 2 F6F-5P, and 1 F6F-5E - 17 of the F6F-5 are at Ayer; VBF-92 has 13 F4U-1D and 11 FG-1D - 5 F4U-1D and 7 FG-1D are at Ayer; 8 of the 15 VB-92 SB2C-4E are at Ayer; VT-92, strength unchanged, has 8 TBM operating out of Ayer.

7 April - The entire air group is together again at Groton.  VF-92 has 28 F6F-5, 2 F6F-5P, and 2 F6F-5E; VBF-92 has 1 FG-1, 10 FG-1D, 6 F4U-1, and 18 F4U-1D; VB-92 strength unchanged; VT-92 has 2 TBM-1C, 11 TBM-3, 2 TBM-3E

5 May - CVG-92 squadrons at Alameda NAS
26 May - CVG-92 squadrons at Kahului NAS

30 June - Kahului.  VF-92 has 40 F6F-5; VBF-92 has 18 FG-1, 2 FG-1D, 8 F4U-1, 12 F4U-1D; VB-92 has 1 SB2C-4, 6 SB2C-4E; VT-92 has 18 TBM-3.

7 July - Kahului.  VF-92 has 41 F6F-5; VBF-92 has 11 FG-1, 2 FG-1D, 7 F4U-1, 12 F4U-1D, 8 F4U-4; VB-92 has 11 SB2C-4, 6 SB2C-4E; VT-92 has 13 TBM-3.

21 July - CVG-92 enroute to Saipan.  VF-92 enroute; VBF-92 arrived Saipan; VB-92 arrived Saipan, VT-92 enroute.

4 August - CVG-92 squadrons at Saipan.

7 September 1945 - Saipan.  VF-92 has 36 F6F-5, 1 F6F-5P; VBF-92 has 6 FG-1D, 1 F4U-1C, 7 F4U-1D, 8 F4U-4; VB-92 has 13 SB2C-4, 2 SB2C-4E; VT-92 has 12 TBM-3, 1 TBM-3P, 4 TBM-3E.

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