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WWII Patch, USN, VF-99 Panchito Pistoles - The Three Caballeros

WWII Patch, USN, VF-99  Panchito Pistoles - The Three Caballeros

Product Information
WWII US Navy Squadron Patch
Navy Fighter Squadron 99

USS Shipley Bay (CVE 85)
Walt Disney Design - Panchito Pistoles - The Three Caballeros
4.75 inches

Fighting Squadron NINETY-NINE (VF-99)
VF-99 Established 15 Jul 1944
VF-99 Disestablished 6 Sep 1945

On 22 April, 1945 USS SHIPLEY BAY
(CVE-85) stood out of Pearl Harbor en route to Okinawa, via Guam, for her first combat operations. From 7 to 16 May, planes from the carrier attacked enemy gun emplacements, supply dumps, radar installations, and caves, flying 352 missions. On the 16th, while taking on gasoline from CACHE (AO 67), the aviation gasoline tanks were damaged, and she was forced to return to Guam for repairs.

SHIPLEY BAY was back in action off Okinawa on 9 June with five other escort carriers. From 14 to 16 June, strikes were launched against Miyako Shima and Ishigaki Shima to neutralize the airfields on those islands. Aircraft from SHIPLEY BAY returned to pound the airfields again from 18 to 22 June. On that day, the carrier departed the operating area. She was at the repair base in San Diego undergoing overhaul when the war ended.

On 26 September 1945, USS SHIPLEY BAY sailed out of San Diego to participate in Operation "Magic Carpet," the return of American forces from overseas. The carrier shuttled from San Francisco to Pearl Harbor, Okinawa and Kwajalein, returning several thousand troops to the United States.

William (Bill) Watkinson Jr
Then from February, 1945 to April, 1945, Bill had advanced, night fighter and carrier training, adding another 116.6 hrs to his log, flying the F6F-3 Hellcat, F6F-5, the F6F-N-Hellcat night fighter, with 8 night carrier take offs and landings, the F6F-5K Hellcat with one catapult launch and the TBM-3 with 4 daylight carrier take offs and landings, and the TBF-1C. In April Bill joined Combat Air Pool Squadron VF-99  at Guam and Saipan where he logged another 33.9 hrs, 16 of those at night. “This consisted mostly of bomber escort and strike and bombing runs on Japanese defense locations.” Here he flew the F6F-5 Hellcat, F6F-3, F6F-5N Hellcat night fighter, SBW (Canadian SB2-C dive bomber) and FM-2 Corsair. “Night fighters were also used as instrument aircraft to guide non-instrument pilots through weather to and from rendezvous locations. Night fighters were usually instrument trained as was not the case for standard fighter pilots.”

USN Overseas Aircraft Loss List May 1945
DATE        TYPE        BUNO        SQUADRON        FROM        DOWN        AREA        PILOT        FATE
5/5/1945        F6F-3        40996        VF-99      SAIPAN     WCENPAC    
5/12/1945      F6F-5        71634        VF-99      SAIPAN     WCENPAC     ENS MARLYN V. BELL     S
5/15/1945      FM-2        73682         VF-99      SAIPAN     WCENPAC
5/17/1945      F6F-5       71111         VF-99      SAIPAN     WCENPAC     LTJG LAWRENCE E. OLIVER     S   
5/20/1945      F6F-3        40536       VF-99       SAIPAN     WCENPAC    
5/21/1945      F6F-5       71841        VF-99       USS MAKASSAR STRAIT (CVE-91)        SAIPAN        WCENPAC
5/22/1945      F6F-5        70140        VF-99      SAIPAN     WCENPAC     ENS R.J. HALLIDAY     S

During World War II, Disney cartoons were not allowed to be imported into Occupied Europe. Since this cost Disney a lot of money, he decided to create a new audience for his films in South America. He decided to make a trip through various Latin American countries with his assistants, and use their experiences and impressions to create two feature length animation films. The first was Saludos Amigos, which consisted of four short segments, two of them with Donald Duck. In the first, he meets his parrot pal Jose Carioca. The second film was The Three Caballeros (1944), in which he meets his rooster friend Panchito Pistoles.
Aliases: Panchito, Panchito Pistoles, Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero González III, Pancho el Charro.

Panchito Pistoles, the Mexican rooster.

Panchito Pistoles, full name Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero González III, is a cartoon character drawn as an anthropomorphized rooster. He appeared in the film The Three Caballeros. Later he appeared in several Disney comics, including Don Rosa's The Three Caballeros Ride Again and The Magnificent Seven (minus four) Caballeros. Panchito was the only one of the Three Caballeros not to appear in Saludos Amigos, as he did not yet exist when the 1943 movie was released. Panchito is a friend of Donald Duck and José Carioca. He lives in Mexico and rides on a horse called Señor Martinez. He had some appearances in Disney's House of Mouse. His first appearance in comics was a self-titled 1943 story in which he met and fell for Clara Cluck.  Panchito's full name is Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero González III. Panchito or Pancho, as well as Paco or Paquito are nicknames for Francisco, which is also his fifth name. The unusually large name is making fun of the fact that, in many Spanish speaking countries, people use two last names (which, in some cases, are composed of two or more words) and commonly has one or even more middle names, and in some cases, like Juan Nepomuceno Carlos Pérez-Rulfo Vizcaíno's they are pretty large. Quintero González is Panchito's last name; according to Spanish naming, Quintero would be his father's last name and González his mother's. As there is no reference to his surname "Pistoles", some people assume that it is another nickname. The word "Pistoles" does not exist in Spanish, although "Pistolas" would mean guns, specifically handguns or pistols. Probably the -E in Pistoles was a phonetical adaptation to ease pronunciation for non-Spanish-speakers in the United States. His surname is likely Pistoles because he is seen with two handguns in some scenes of The Three Caballeros. From Wikipedia

Price: $165.00

Product Code: PatchUSN.099.VF99
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