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WWII Patch, Unknown unit - Parachute Test Co. Mickey Mouse

WWII Patch, Unknown unit - Parachute Test Co. Mickey Mouse

Product Information

UNKNOWN WWII US Squadron Patch

What we do know:
  • Walt Disney Design - Mickey Mouse in Goggles descending in an open canopy Parachute
  • Walt Disney said Mickey Mouse was a "Do Good'er" not a fighter, so...
  • Walt very, very rarely allowed Mickey to be used on Military projects, patch insignia especially!
  • 5.25 inches
What we suspect:
  • Temptation is to call it a Airborne unit, but since Walt was against Mickey in combat, I won't
  • More likely it was done for a Parachute Testing company/platoon/unit.
  • Probably a unit helping test & develop new designs of; 1) airborne assault parachutes, 2) emergency escape parachutes for aircrew
  • previous collector had it listed as US AAF parachute test co.
What we do not know:
  • Branch ? (USAAF / AAF, USN NAVY, USMC Marine Corps) ?
  • Formation ? (Squadron, Group, Wing, Air Force) ?
  • Type ? (Fighter, Bomber, Observation, Patrol, Torpedo, Photographic, Transport, Cargo, Tow Target, School) ?
  • Unit # ?
  • Nickname?
Do you know the answers?  Any information appreciated.

In 1919 Leslie Irvin  invented and successfully tested a parachute that the pilot could deploy when clear of the aircraft. He became the first person to make a premeditated free-fall parachute jump from an airplane. An early brochure of the Irvin Air Chute Company credits William O'Connor 24 August 1920 at McCook Field near Dayton, Ohio as the first person to be saved by an Irvin parachute. Another life-saving jump was made at McCook Field by test pilot Lt. Harold H. Harris on 20 October 1922. Shortly after Harris' jump two Dayton newspaper reporters suggested the creation of the Caterpillar Club for successful parachute jumps from disabled aircraft.  The development of parachute units was taken up in the United States Army with the general expansion which began in 1940. Since they were intended to 'fight on foot, though transported by air, the parachutists were classified as infantry and their organization began at the Infantry center at Fort Benning, Georgia. Their equipment became the concern of the Infantry Board, with headquarters at the same post. Along with other problems the Board took up the study of proper clothing for the parachute troops and very soon called upon the Quartermaster Corps for cooperation in its development. <parachute history link>
  • the United States experiment with airborne infantry attack began on June 25, 1940, when the Army Parachute Test Platoon was first authorized by the Department of War, and was launched when 48 volunteers began training in July 1940;
  • the first official Army parachute jump on August 16, 1940 validated the innovative concept of inserting United States ground combat forces behind a battle line by means of a parachute;
  • The success of the Army Parachute Test Platoon in the days immediately before the entry of the United States into World War II led to the formation of a formidable force of airborne units that have served with distinction and have had repeated success in armed hostilities;
  • Among those airborne units are the former 11th, 13th, and 17th Airborne Divisions, the venerable 82nd Airborne Division, the versatile 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), and the airborne regiments and battalions (some as components of those divisions, some as separate units) that achieved  distinction as the elite 75th Ranger Regiment, the 173rd Airborne Brigade, the 187th Infantry (Airborne) Regiment, the 503rd, 507th, 508th, 517th, 541st, and 542nd Parachute Infantry Regiments, the 88th Glider Infantry Regiment, the 509th, 551st, and 555th Parachute Infantry Battalions, the 325th and327th Glider Infantry, and the 550th Airborne Infantry Battalion;

United States - WWII US paratroopers

The first US Airborne Unit was a test platoon formed from part of the 29th Infantry Regiment, in July 1940. The platoon leader was 1st Lieutenant William T. Ryder who made the first paratroop jump for the US Military on August 13, 1940 at Lawson Field, Fort Benning, GA from a B-18 Bomber. He was immediately followed by Private William N. King, the first enlisted soldier to make a parachute jump. Although airborne units were not popular with the top U.S. Army commanders, President Franklin D. Roosevelt sponsored the concept, and Major General William C. Lee organized the first paratroop platoon. This led to the Provisional Parachute Group, and then the United States Airborne Command. General Lee was the first commander at the new parachute school at Fort Benning, in west-central Georgia. The US Army regards Major General William C. Lee as the father of the Airborne. The first US Army Combat Jump was near Oran, Algeria, in North Africa on November 8, 1942 conducted by elements of the 509th Parachute Infantry. For the role of paratroopers in the Normandy Landings see American airborne landings in Normandy.  from wikipedia
U.S. Combat Jumps in WWII

    * Operation Torch
    * Operation Husky
    * Operation Avalanche
    * Operation Overlord
    * Operation Cyclone
    * Operation Market Garden
    * Operation Varsity

Price: $350.00

Product Code: PatchZ.UNK.MickeyMouse.ParachuteTestCo
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