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349th Bomb Squadron, 100th Bomb Group, 8th Army Air Force Jacket

349th Bomb Squadron, 100th Bomb Group, 8th Army Air Force Jacket

Product Information

Dedicated to restoring WWII MB/GPW/GP 1941-1945 Willys/Ford/Bantam Jeeps and Trailers. Linked to WWII Squadron Patch Picture Gallery

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A nice accessory when driving your Willys MB Ford GPW Army Jeep or other military vehicle

WWII AAF Bomb Group
Nose Art Decorated Flying Jacket
with both Mickey Mouse + Bugs Bunny

349th Bomb Squadron, 100th Bomb Group, 8th Army Air Force
Aircraft name = "Goin My Way"

The 100th Bombardment Group (Heavy) was a Eighth Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress unit in England, stationed at RAF Thorpe Abbotts. Flying over 300 combat missions, the group earned two Distinguished Unit Citations (Regensburg, 17 Aug 1943; Berlin, 4/6/8 Mar 1944). The group suffered tremendous losses in combat, with 177 Aircraft MIA, flying its last mission on 20 Apr 1945.

On June 1, 1942, the Army Air Forces activated the 100th Bombardment Group (Heavy) (100th BG) as an unmanned paper unit assigned to III Bomber Command. The group remained unmanned until October 27, 1942, when a small number of men transferred from the 29th Bombardment Group to Gowen Field, Idaho, to serve as the group’s initial cadre. Within four days, on November 1, the small cadre forming the 100 BG moved the unit to Walla Walla Army Air Base, Washington, where it received its first four aircrews and four B-17Fs from the Boeing factory in Seattle. Following receipt of crews and aircraft, the 100th BG relocated to Wendover Field, Utah, on November 30 where it added additional personnel, aircraft, crews, and began operational training (bombing, gunnery, and navigation).

With the first day of 1943, members of the fledgling group again transferred operations to two separate bases, with the aircraft and aircrews moving to Sioux City AAB, Iowa, while the ground echelon went to Kearney Field, Nebraska. In both instances, members of the 100th BG assisted in air and ground training for other groups bound for overseas. In mid-April, the aircrew element joined its ground echelon at Kearney Field, and received new B-17s. After additional training, the group’s aircrews departed Kearney on May 25, 1943, flying the North Atlantic route to England and into the war in Europe. Prior to the departure of aircraft and aircrews from Kearney, the 100 BG’s ground echelon departed for the East Coast on May 2. On May 27, 1943, the ground personnel set sail aboard the RMS Queen Elizabeth bound for Podington, England from New York. At Podington the ground crews rendezvoused with the air echelon, and together moved to Thorpe Abbotts, Norfolk, where they remained throughout World War II, operating as a strategic bombardment organization.

On June 25, 1943, the 100 BG flew its first Eighth Air Force combat mission in a bombing of the Bremen U-boat yards -- the beginning of the "Bloody Hundredth"’s legacy. The group inherited the "Bloody Hundredth" nickname from other bomb groups due to the amount of losses it took. In the early summer of 1943, 100 BG became a "marked outfit" by Luftwaffe fighters after a B-17 pilot first lowered his landing gear to surrender to three Messerschmitt Bf 109s, started to descend after the fighters stopped shooting, then changed his mind and the B-17 gunners shot the three fighter aircraft (one Bf 109 pilot bailed out and presumably reported the event).[1]:94 The group experienced several instances where it lost a dozen or more aircraft on a single mission, and for the next six months, the group focused its bombing attacks against German airfields, industries, and naval facilities in France and Germany.

In August 1943, the group received its first Distinguished Unit Citation (DUC) after attacking the German aircraft factory at Regensburg on August 17, 1943, resulting in serious disruption to German fighter production. From January-May 1944, the 100th BG regularly bombed airfields, industries, marshaling yards, and missile sites in Western Europe. The group participated in the Allied campaign against German aircraft factories , Operation Argument, during "Big Week" in the last week of February 1944. In March 1944, aircrews completed a succession of attacks on Berlin and received its second DUC of the war.

While bombing during the Oil Campaign of World War II as the summer of 1944 approached, the group also conducted interdictory missions such as the June bombing of bridges and gun positions to support the Invasion of Normandy. The next month aircrews bombed enemy positions at St Lo, followed by similar campaigns at Brest in August and September. In October 1944, the 100th BG attacked enemy and ground defenses in the allied drive on the Siegfried Line, then bombed marshaling yards, German occupied villages, and communication targets in the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge from December 1944 to January 1945. For its extraordinary efforts in attacking heavily defended German installations in Germany and dropping supplies to the French Forces of the Interior from June through December 1944, the 100 BG received the French Croix de Guerre with Palm.

The 100 BG flew its last combat mission of World War II on April 20, 1945. The following month the unit’s aircrews dropped food to the people in the west of the Netherlands, and in June transported French Allied former prisoners of war from Austria to France. In December 1945, the group returned to the U.S., where it inactivated at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, on December 21, 1945. . - from wikipedia

    * Established as 100th Bombardment Group (Heavy) on Jan 28, 1942.
    * Activated on June 1, 1942.
    * Inactivated on December 21, 1945.

    * III Bomber Command, 1 Jun 1942
    * Second Air Force, 18 Jun 1942
    * II Bomber Command, 26 Jun 1942
    * 15 Bombardment Wing, 30 Nov 1942
    * Eighth Air Force, c. 2 Jun 1943
    * VIII Bomber Command, c. 4 Jun 1943
    * 4th Bombardment Wing, 6 Jun 1943
   *  Attached to: 402d Provisional Combat Bomb Wing, 6 Jun 1943
    * 3d Bombardment Division, 13 Sep 1943
    * 13th Combat Bombardment Wing (Heavy), 14 Sep 1943
    * 3d Air Division, 18 Jun 1945
    * 1st Air Division, 12 Aug 1945
    * 3d Air Division, 28 Sep 1945
    * VIII Fighter Command, 1 Nov-Dec 1945

    * 349th Bombardment Squadron (XR): 1 Jun 1942-1 Dec 1945; 
    * 350th Bombardment Squadron (LN) : 1 Jun 1942-15 Dec 1945; 
    * 351st Bombardment Squadron (EP): 1 Jun 1942-15 Dec 1945; 
    * 418th Bombardment Squadron (LD): 1 Jun 1942-19 Dec 1945; 

    * Orlando AB, FL June 1, 1942
    * Barksdale Field, Louisiana, c. June 18, 1942
    * Pendleton Field, OR c. June 26, 1942
    * Gowen Field, Idaho, August 28, 1942
    * Walla Walla, Washington, c. November 1, 1942
    * Wendover Field, Utah, c. November 30, 1942
    * Sioux City AAB, Iowa, c. December 28, 1942
    * Kearney AAFld, Nebraska, c. January 30 – May 1943
    * RAF Thorpe Abbotts (USAAF Station 139), England, June 9, 1943 – Dec 1945
    * Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, c. December 20–21, 1945

Aircraft/Missiles assigned
    * Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, 1942–1945

***JUST ADDED INFO - original WWII Color Photo of the B-17 'Goin My Way' aircraft
Other new photos requested by bidders have been added as well below
original WWII Color Photo of the B-17 'Goin My Way' aircraft - photo found at: 100th Bomb Group Foundation website
- Thanks for pointing it out goes to Jack O'Leary of the 100th Bomb Group Foundation -
- 6th photo down at: -
Hi Brian, I Always like to see nose art from one of my dads ships he flew on. ("goin' my way" was one) <snip> Could you please email me copies of the photos for my collection? <snip> I like anything with that artwork. Please visit PAGE 9 and 10 of the AIRCRAFT section for my photos of the actual ship at the base. My dads crew flew several missions on her. (reference the W. Griswold Smith crew page for them) Best Regards, Jack - 100th Bomb Group Foundation message board administrator, Life Member

The weird moiré pattern above is from the digital photo process and not actually a pattern of the jacket 

Copyright© 1998-2010 Brian French. Brian's Military Jeeps of WWII. All Rights Reserved

Ready for display!
Jacket is only item in auction.

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Please don't pirate my pictures. Ask my permission.

Additional Photos added as requested by bidders
Click here to see a Hi-Res Picture
Photos of CONMAR Zipper Pull and Buttons
Zipper Pull & Zipper Stop - both marked "CONMAR - Made in USA"
Click here to see a Hi-Res Picture
Click photos - some enlarge to hi-res.    

Cloth MFG Tag - what's left of it. Inside right hand slash pocket.
Click here to see a Hi-Res Picture
***JUST ADDED INFO - similar artwork found in reference book on Flight Jackets
Thanks to Mike for helping me find a similar A2 jacket that was illustrated in the reference book: America Flight Jackets, Airmen & Aircraft : A history of U.S. Flyers Jackets from WWI to Desert Storm by Jon A. Maguire & John P. Conway (248pgs, pub date 1994).   On page 121 it says the following:
Europe, Africa & the Mediterranean - Pg. 121
The 100th Bomb Group: "Century Bombers"

The 100th Bomb Group is among the most well known bomb groups of the 8th Air Force, having played a significant role in the Allied campaign against German aircraft factories during BIG WEEK 20-25, February 1944.  The 100th also was on the famed Berlin Missions in March of 1944.  The squadrons assigned were the 349th, 350th, 351st, and 418th.  The 100th Bomb Group flew B-17's from Thorpe Abbotts, England.

The caption of the photo of the jacket's back artwork states: 
"Fantastic painting of a rabbit reclining on a bomb "Goin My Way" on Pete's A-2 jacket of the 100th Bomb Group"

Click here to see a Hi-Res Picture
~ in inches ~ 
metric conversion tool

 (1) Chest Measurement:
 (2) Shoulder Measurement:
 (3) Length Measurement:
 (4) Arm Measurement:
 (5) Waist Measurement:
 Tag Size or (best guess):
Tag - "Territory of Hawaii" on owner tag 
 Material or (best guess): Cotton poplin / Wool
 Color: Int. light OD shell, Khaki pockets, OD Green Wool Interior
 Jacket Model Type: M-41 M41 
 Branch: Army Air Force
 Unit: 349 BS 100 BG 8 AAF
349th Bomb Squadron, 100th Bomb Group, 8th Army Air Force
Leather, 100th BG, Mickey Mouse & Pluto 
BACK = Large Bugs Bunny reclining on Bomb
              "Going My Way"
 Flaws: Fabric & thread this old will always be dry & fragile. 
collar & sleeves reinforced with leather trim
1 small leather rigger patch on arm
loose threads & small nip holes at waist, elsewhere
original pocket tag = remnants only
Old Original Paint dry and some chaffing/cracking visible.
Re: MEASUREMENTS: The outer measurements are taken with the garment lying flat, please refer to diagram. 
These jackets are sold to be displayed, and not necessarily worn out in public.  If you plan on wearing it, you do so at your own risk. 
Please exercise greater care then you would for a newly made jacket. Please take your own measurements before bidding.
Additional Details

Circa 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945          Ford GPW and Willys MB - MB/GPW Military Jeeps 
Is Used take off - see photos.  Each jacket is unique.  See measurements chart for additional details on condition.
I am also going through several boxes of parts I had saved for my own jeep.  I find a few instances where I saved 2 of something, so I am selling off the spare. If I saved it for me, it had to be a good specimen.
ONE (1)  These are very rare to find today. This is the last of my inventory of these, so bid accordingly - protect yourself from being out-bid! Get it before it's gone.
MFG. By:
Unknown - Zipper Pull & Zipper stop Mfg by Conmar - Made in USA - Mickey Mouse & Pluto are Walt Disney Characters
Will also look good in other Military Vehicles: Ford GPA, Chevy, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, International, IHS, White, Studebaker, Scout Car, 1/2 Track, 2 1/2ton, 3/4ton Truck, Weasel. And many others.

WWII ~ WW2 ~ World War Two, Korea, and Vietnam as well
The Leather Flight Jacket was used in the ETO, PTO, CBI, UK, Mediterranean, North Africa, Italian, Stateside, Aleutian, Australia, South American / Panama, Russian / Eastern Front. Used Globally in all theaters.
The Leather Flight Jacket was used by US Army, Army Air Force ( USAAF ), Navy, Marine Corps ( USMC version )
How did I get such great stuff?  I practiced the following;   I can always go earn more money next month, next year, etc., but I can't recreate a missed opportunity to buy a rare part.  There will always be mechanics, but there will not always be original parts available. It's that simple. If you see it, and you don't have one, buy it. Buy it before they are all gone, or the prices skyrocket. Example, a couple years ago my local body shop was charging $65/hr and I was selling rifle racks for $65. Today my body shop still charges $65/hr. But now rifle racks are selling for $200!   Where am I better off spending my money?  Which has the better return on my investment? When you run out of things to buy, that's when you should pay for labor/services, or better yet, fix it yourself.
For your research & reference.
1). This website details the history & differences between the AAF, USN, USMC Squadron Patches used on A2 and G1 Flight Jackets
2). "Looking Back at MV Surplus" - What the old sources of Surplus WWII Jeep Parts were like - (Where I got these parts years ago)
3). This website details the history & differences between the Bantam & Willys & Ford WWII 1/4 ton Jeeps & Trailers
Alternate Spellings:
jacket jackets coat coats A2 A-2 G1 G-1 M442 ANJ Leather goat skin goatskin horsehide horse hide wool Bomber Bomb bombing Fighter Fighting Flight Flying Unit SQ. SQD SQDrn Squadron Group Grp Gp Army Air Force AAF A.A.F. Airforce AF Navy USN U.S.N. USMC U.S.M.C. Marine Corps Marines 5th 8th 14th mission run PTO ETO Pacific Europe China Burma India CBI C.B.I. patch paint painted painting Art Artwork Insignia Logo
common mis-spellings:
Willies Wilys Willis, jep, jeeep, Reconnaissance Car, G-503 1/4 ton, G503 1/4ton, Bantam MA Trucks, Bantam T-3 Trailer, Willys MBT Trailers, Willys MB Ford GPW MB/GPW, A2, G1, A-2, G-1, M-442

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 Non-USA = use drop down "Select a Destination" to find your country.
SHIPPING WEIGHT : 5 Lbs.  0 oz.
Ready for display!  There is only ONE!

Price: $2200.00

Product Code: Jacket-S2

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