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WWII Jeep D-Day Invasion Windshield Flag Labels - 5x

WWII Jeep D-Day Invasion Windshield Flag Labels - 5x

Product Information

Willys MB  Ford GPW  MB/GPW

Invasion Windshield Flag 

Consecutive Serial #'s available.   size 8.25 x 4.25 inches
Red, White, Blue, & Black printed on super high quality paper
 Ready for display, re-enactments, or attaching to your vehicle!!!
  These are seen on Jeeps, Dodges, 1/2 tracks and more.  See Original Color WWII Pics Below.
These were attached to the vehicles windshield / windscreen by scotch/cellophane tape.


 These served 3 purposes during WWII
   1)  Nationality Identification.
   2)  Inspection Check-off Sheet.  For waterproofing of vehicle and towed load.
   3)  Instructions on water fording and water-borne landings for the driver.
Shipping on this would be your choice with optional appropriate insurance.
$11 Canada
$13 UK+Europe+Japan+Worldwide
$2.75 Canada
$4.25 UK+Europe+Japan+Worldwide
SHIPPING WEIGHT: 0 Lbs.  6  oz.
$5 each   plus shipping
or  3 for $12   plus shipping

Best Deal = 
  5 for $20 w/Free Priority Shipping & Tracking in the USA
              5 for $15 plus shipping cost to overseas

Ready for display!

Jeep Part / Accessory Details
FITS MAKE: Ford & Willys and other Military Vehicles 
FITS MODEL: Ford GPW and Willys MB - MB/GPW Military Jeeps and other Military Vehicles 
FITS YEARS: Circa 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945 
CONDITION: New.   These are printed on 2 different printing presses at 2 different companies to be completely accurate.  These are NOT the ones some guy is making on his home Ink Jet printer. Don't buy a crummy one for more $ and have the same serial# as everyone else does.  (He is actually coping one of mine I sold him.)
QTY: ONE (1) 
MFG By: American Printers, Inc.
Crossover: Will also fit other Military Vehicles: Ford GPA, Chevy, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, International, IHS, White, Studebaker, Scout Cars, 1/2 Tracks, 2 1/2ton, 3/4ton Trucks, Weasel. See your vehicle manual.
Wars: WWII ~ WW2 ~ World War Two, Korea as well
Theaters: The Jeep was used in the ETO, PTO, CBI, UK, Mediterranean, North Africa, Italian, Stateside, Aleutian, Australia, South American / Panama, Russian / Eastern Front. Used Globally in all theaters ~ 'The sun never sets on the Mighty Jeep'
Branches: The Jeep was used by US Army, Navy, Marine Corps ( USMC version ), and Allies (Lend Lease).
Op/Ed: How did I get such great stuff?  I practiced the following;   I can always go earn more money next month, next year, etc., but I can't recreate a missed opportunity to buy a rare part.  There will always be mechanics, but there will not always be original parts available. It's that simple. If you see it, and you don't have one, buy it. Buy it before they are all gone, or the prices skyrocket. Example, a couple years ago my local body shop was charging $65/hr and I was selling rifle racks for $65. Today my body shop still charges $65/hr. But now rifle racks are selling for $200!   Where am I better off spending my money?  Which has the better return on my investment? When you run out of things to buy, that's when you should pay for labor/services, or better yet, fix it yourself.
References: For your research & reference.
1). This website details the history & differences between the Bantam & Willys & Ford WWII 1/4 ton Jeeps & Trailers
2). "Looking Back at MV Surplus" - What the old sources of Surplus WWII Jeep Parts were like - (Where I got these parts years ago)
3). The MB/GPW Spare Parts Kit, Tools Kit, Standard Issue Equipment & Accessories, Special Issue Equipment & Accessories Page
Mis-spellings: 1/4 ton, 1/4ton, G-503, G503, Reconnaissance Car, Willies, Wilys Willis, Bantam, MA, Trucks, jep, jeeep, Bantam T-3 Trailer, Willys MBT Trailers, Willys MB  Ford GPW  MB/GPW, ford GPA
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Ready for use or display!

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Please don't pirate my pictures. Ask my permission.
Copyright © 1998-2010 Brian French. Brian's Military Jeeps of WWII. All Rights Reserved


Price: $30.00 $20.00

Product Code: T-Red-Binder-WindshieldFlagsx5
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