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Canadian 1 Star General's Plate - License Plate - 1943 Quebec, Canada

Canadian 1 Star General's Plate - License Plate - 1943 Quebec, Canada

Product Information
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   <meta name="Author" content="Brian French">
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   <title>Canadian 1 Star General's License Plate For Sale - Canada Maple Leaf</title>

<center><b><font face="Wide Latin"><font color="#0000FF"><font size=+1>Willys
MB&nbsp; Ford GPW&nbsp; MB/GPW accessory</font></font></font></b>
<p><b><font face="Wide Latin"><font color="#0000FF"><font size=+3>WWII
JEEP /MV</font></font></font></b>
<br><b><font face="Wide Latin"><font color="#0000FF"><font size=+3>Canadian
1 "Star" General's Plate</font></font></font></b>
<br><b><font face="Wide Latin"><font color="#0000FF"><font size=+3>1 Maple
Leaf General's Plate</font></font></font></b>
<br><img SRC="" ALT="Typical view from 40 feet" BORDER=2 height=384 width=512>
<br><b><font color="#000000">- Typical view as seen from 40 feet away of
a US star version -</font></b>
<br><b><font color="#993366">See last photo for actual Canadian MAPLE LEAF

<p><b><font color="#CC0000"><font size=+1>Can't Find a General's Rank License
Plate for your WW2 Jeep or MV?</font></font></b>
<blockquote><b><font color="#000066"><font size=+1>Is it a real WWII era
license plate?</font></font></b>
<blockquote><b><font size=+1>Yes</font></b></blockquote>
<b><font color="#000066"><font size=+1>Was there more than one way to display
rank on a vehicle?</font></font></b>
<blockquote><b><font size=+1>Yes, pennants or flags, plates w/ cast stars,
plates w/ painted stars, plates w/ lacquered decals &lt;<a href="">details</a>></font></b></blockquote>
<b><font color="#000066"><font size=+1>Do I need 1 plate or 2?</font></font></b>
<blockquote><b><font color="#000000"><font size=+1>You might want to run
2 plates, front &amp; rear, since you want to let everyone know you are
a general.&nbsp; They better not pass you from behind, and better salute
you as you approach. But having the front one is the most important one,
so it's up to you.</font></font></b></blockquote>
<b><font color="#000066"><font size=+1>Can you supply me with a bunch of
<blockquote><b><font color="#000000"><font size=+1>No, I have a very limited
supply of these WWII dated license plates.&nbsp; Each one is unique!</font></font></b></blockquote>

<p><br><img SRC="" ALT="Typical view from 15 feet" BORDER=2 height=384 width=576>
<br><b><font color="#000000">- Typical view as seen from 15 feet away of
a US star version -</font></b>
<br><b><font color="#663366">See last photo for actual Canadian MAPLE LEAF

<p><b><font color="#CC0000"><font size=+1>Do a lot of people ask you the
"What year is it?" question about your Jeep / MV?</font></font></b>
<br><b><font color="#CC0000"><font size=+1>Can't Find a License Plate that
matches the year of your Military Vehicle?</font></font></b>
<blockquote><b><font color="#000066"><font size=+1>Did military vehicles
have license plates?</font></font></b></blockquote>

<blockquote><b><font size=+1>Yes, sometimes &lt;<a href="">details</a>></font></b>
<br><a href=""><img SRC="" ALT="License Plate in use on a 1941 Ford Pygmy Prototype Jeep" VSPACE=6 BORDER=1 height=103 width=180></a><a href=""><img SRC="" ALT="1941 Canadian License Plate in use on a 1941 Bantam Prototype Reconnaissance Car Mk-II / BRC-60 at Camp Borden, Ontario, Canada" BORDER=1 height=119 width=180></a><a href=""><img SRC="" ALT="1941 Canadian License Plate in use on a 1941 Bantam Prototype Reconnaissance Car Mk-II / BRC-60 at Camp Borden, Ontario, Canada" BORDER=1 height=143 width=180></a>
<br><a href=""><img SRC="" ALT="1941 Canadian License Plate in use on a British/Canadian Vickers Mk VI Light Tank at Camp Borden, Ontario, Canada" BORDER=1 height=154 width=180></a><a href=""><img SRC="" ALT="1941 Canadian License Plate in use on a British/Canadian Vickers Mk VI Light Tank at Camp Borden, Ontario, Canada" BORDER=1 height=151 width=180></a><a href=""><img SRC="" ALT="1941 Canadian License Plate in use on a British/Canadian Vickers Mk VI Light Tank at Camp Borden, Ontario, Canada" BORDER=1 height=180 width=180></a><a href=""><img SRC="" ALT="1941 Canadian License Plate in use on a British/Canadian Vickers Mk VI Light Tank at Camp Borden, Ontario, Canada" BORDER=1 height=144 width=180></a></blockquote>

<blockquote><b><font color="#000066"><font size=+1>Were plates re-used
during the war?</font></font></b>
<blockquote><b><font size=+1>Yes &lt;<a href="">details</a>>&nbsp;</font></b><img SRC="" ALT="US Military 4-Star Army General MacArthur's Restamped License Plate" BORDER=0 height=101 width=225 align=ABSCENTER></blockquote>
<b><font color="#000066"><font size=+1>Did every province issue a plate
for every year?</font></font></b>
<blockquote><b><font size=+1>No, several provinces issued tags or windshield
stickers to save metal for the war effort, so not all years are available.
Here's a list &lt;<a href="">details</a>></font></b></blockquote>
<b><font color="#000066"><font size=+1>My vehicle was made during a year
when no plates were issued. Now what?</font></font></b>
<blockquote><b><font size=+1>Get a plate from a preceding year and add
a tag with the correct year.</font></b></blockquote>
<b><font color="#000066"><font size=+1>Can I register my vehicle with these
<blockquote><b><font size=+1>Maybe. Each state/province has different rules
regarding YOM ( Year of Manufacture ) registrations. You will have to research

<p><br><!-- selection start --><img SRC="" ALT="Specific view of plate For Sale from 7 feet" BORDER=2 height=567 width=873><!-- selection end -->
<br><b><font color="#990000">Specific view of Canadian plate for sale as
seen from 7 feet away</font></b>
<br><b><font color="#990000">with attention paid to maximizing best view
of province &amp; year</font></b></center>

<p><b><font color="#CC0000">Province &amp; Year marked -</font></b>
<br><b><font color="#CC0000"><font size=+4>1943 Que - Quebec</font></font></b>
<br><b><font color="#CC0000"><font size=+4>CA - CAN - Canada - Canadian</font></font></b>
<br><b><font color="#CC0000">Insignia of rank used on early, mid, late
and post-war vehicles</font></b>
<p><tt>Shipping on this would be Flat Rate Priority with optional appropriate

<td VALIGN=TOP><tt><font color="#FF0000"><font size=+1><b>SHIPPING TYPE


<td><b><tt><font size=+1>PRIORITY</font></tt></b></td>

<td><tt><font color="#FF0000"><font size=+1><b>SHIPPING FLAT RATE FEE</b>
(US only)<b>:</b></font></font></tt></td>


<td><b><tt><font size=+1>$5&nbsp;</font></tt></b></td>

<td><tt><font color="#FF0000"><font size=+1><b>SHIPPING FEE </b>(US+Intl.)<b>:</b></font></font></tt></td>


<td><b><tt><font size=+1><a href="">USPS

<td VALIGN=TOP><b><tt><font color="#FF0000"><font size=+1>SHIPPING WEIGHT:</font></font></tt></b></td>


<td><b><tt><font size=+1>1&nbsp; Lbs.&nbsp;&nbsp; 0 oz.</font></tt></b></td>

<td><b><tt><font color="#FF0000"><font size=+1>SHIPPED FROM ZIP:</font></font></tt></b></td>


<td><b><tt><font size=+1>76177</font></tt></b></td>

<td><b><tt><font color="#FF0000"><font size=+1>INSURANCE:</font></font></tt></b></td>


<td><b><tt><font size=+1>OPTIONAL</font></tt></b></td>

<td><b>BOX #:</b></td>


<center><b><blink><font color="#FF0000">Ready for display!&nbsp; There
is only ONE!</font></blink></b>
<hr width="100%">
<br><b><u><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font color="#006600"><font size=+1>Jeep
Part / Accessory Details</font></font></font></u></b></center>


<td WIDTH="100"><b><font color="#3333FF">FITS MAKE:</font></b></td>


<td><b>Ford &amp; Willys and all other US Military Vehicles &amp; Canadian
Military Pattern Vehicles (CMP)</b></td>

<td VALIGN=TOP><b><font color="#3333FF">FITS MODEL:</font></b></td>


<td><b>Ford GPW and Willys MB - MB/GPW Military Jeeps and all other Military

<td VALIGN=TOP><b><font color="#3333FF">FITS YEARS:</font></b></td>


<td><b>Circa 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946&nbsp;</b></td>


<td VALIGN=TOP><b><font color="#3333FF">CONDITION:</font></b></td>


<td><b><font color="#009900">Original part</font>, <font color="#000000">used,
manufactured over 62+ years ago.&nbsp; Insignia red used in repaint. See
Photo for individual characteristics of each which may or may not include
flaws such as rust, bends, holes, repairs.&nbsp;</font></b>
<br>I am also going through several boxes of parts I had saved for my own
jeep.&nbsp; I find a few instances where I saved 2 of something, so I am
selling off the spare. If I saved it for me, it had to be a good specimen.</td>

<td VALIGN=TOP><b><font color="#3333FF">QTY:</font></b></td>


<td><b>ONE (1)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; These are hard to find today.&nbsp; </b>My
inventory of these is very small. <b><font color="#009900">Get one before
they're all gone.</font></b></td>

<td VALIGN=TOP><b><font color="#3333FF">MFG By:</font></b></td>


<td><b><font color="#009900">Canada / Canadian Province</font></b></td>

<td VALIGN=TOP><b><font color="#3333FF">Crossover:</font></b></td>


<td><font color="#000000"><b>Will also fit other Military Vehicles:</b>
Ford GPA, Chevy, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, International, IHS, White, Studebaker,
Scout Car, 1/2 Track, 2 1/2ton, 3/4ton Truck, Weasel. See your vehicle


<td WIDTH="100"><b><font color="#3333FF"><font size=-1>Wars:</font></font></b></td>


<td><font size=-1><b>WWII ~ WW2 ~ World War Two, </b>Korea as well</font></td>

<td VALIGN=TOP><b><font color="#3333FF"><font size=-1>Theaters:</font></font></b></td>


<td><font size=-1>The Jeep was used in the ETO, PTO, CBI, UK, Mediterranean,
North Africa, Italian, Stateside, Aleutian, Australia, South American /
Panama, Russian / Eastern Front. Used Globally in all theaters ~ 'The sun
never sets on the Mighty Jeep'</font></td>

<td VALIGN=TOP><b><font color="#3333FF"><font size=-1>Branches:</font></font></b></td>


<td><font size=-1><font color="#000000">The Jeep was used by </font><b><font color="#666600">Canadian
Army (<a href="">photo</a>)</font><font color="#400080">,
</font><font color="#666666">Royal
Canadian Navy (RCN),
</font><font color="#CC0000">Royal Canadian Air Force
(RCAF), </font></b><font color="#000000">and other </font><font color="#400080"><b>Allies</b>
(Lend Lease).</font></font></td>

<td VALIGN=TOP><b><font color="#3333FF"><font size=-1>Op/Ed:</font></font></b></td>


<td><font size=-1>How did I get such great stuff?&nbsp; I practiced the
following;&nbsp;&nbsp; I can always go earn more money next month, next
year, etc., but I can't recreate a missed opportunity to buy a rare part.&nbsp;
There will always be mechanics, but there will not always be original parts
available. It's that simple. If you see it, and you don't have one, buy
it. Buy it before they are all gone, or the prices skyrocket. Example,
a couple years ago my local body shop was charging $65/hr and I was selling
rifle racks for $65. Today my body shop still charges $65/hr. But now rifle
racks are selling for $200!&nbsp;&nbsp; Where am I better off spending
my money?&nbsp; Which has the better return on my investment? When you
run out of things to buy, that's when you should pay for labor/services,
or better yet, fix it yourself.</font></td>

<td VALIGN=TOP><b><font color="#3333FF">References:</font></b></td>


<td><b><u><font color="#000000">For your research &amp; reference.</font></u></b>
<br><b>1). <a href="">This website details
the history &amp; differences between the Bantam &amp; Willys &amp; Ford
WWII 1/4 ton Jeeps &amp; Trailers</a></b>
<br><b>2). <a href="">"Looking
Back at MV Surplus" - What the old sources of Surplus WWII Jeep Parts were
like</a> - (Where I got these parts years ago)</b>
<br><b>3). <a href="">This
webpage details the history &amp; differences between WWII Military License
<br><b>4). <a href="">This
webpage details the history &amp; differences between 1942 - 1945 US &amp;
Canada WW2 War Years License Plates Types List</a></b>
<br><b>5). <a href="">This
webpage details the history &amp; differences between RESTAMPED License
Plates From the Metal Shortage WWII War Years</a></b></td>

<td><font color="#FFFFFF"><font size=-2>Mis-spellings:</font></font></td>


<td><font color="#FFFFFF"><font size=-2>1/4 ton, 1/4ton, G-503, G503, Reconnaissance
Car, Willies, Willis, Bantam, MA, Trucks, jep, jeeep, Bantam T-3 Trailer,
Willys MBT Trailers, Willys MB&nbsp; Ford GPW&nbsp; MB/GPW, ford GPA</font></font></td>

<center><a href=""><img SRC="" ALT="Member of Web Guard ~ Stop Bandwidth Bandits and Internet Image Thieves." BORDER=0 height=31 width=102></a>
<br>Please don't pirate my pictures. <a href="">Ask
my permission.</a>
<br><a href="">Copyright</a>&copy;
1998-2011 Brian French. <a href="">Brian's
Military Jeeps of WWII</a>. All Rights Reserved</center>


Price: $150.00 $145.00

Product Code: T-LP-3 #43.Quebec.135878
In Stock 
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