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JUST ID'd as: WWII Patch, 8th FS, 3rd FG, CACW - Chinese-American Composite Wing

JUST ID'd as: WWII Patch, 8th FS, 3rd FG, CACW - Chinese-American Composite Wing

Product Information

Just ID'd as:
CACW - Chinese-American Composite Wing
8th FS, 3rd FG, CACW
Hi Brian,
Thanks for yesterday’s email ! On page 8 of Unknown Patches, at the bottom, you have “ Just ID’d as : WWII Patch, CACW-Chinese American
Composite Wing”

It is specifically from the CACW 3rd Fighter Group, 8th Fighter Squadron. My father served in that unit and I’ve attached a photo of  his cloth shoulder
patch – similar design, different colors.

Thanks – I look forward to your response.
Morey Knutsen
  Thanks for the help Morey!

The Chinese-American Composite Wing (Provisional) was a joint United States Army Air Force and a Republic of China Air Force organization. It was administratively assigned to Fourteenth Air Force in China during World War II.

The operational units of the Chinese-American Composite Wing CACW were jointly commanded by both American and Chinese air force officers, and the unit's aircraft were manned by American and Chinese pilots and air crewmen.

    Initially formed on 31 July 1943 as the 1st Bomb Group (Provisional) and the 3rd Fighter Group (Provisional), Republic of China Air Force
    Established as: Chinese American Composite Wing (Provisional), USAAF, and activated on 1 October 1943
    Inactivated on 1 August 1945

    USAAF Fourteenth Air Force, 1 October 1943-1 August 1945


1st Bombardment Gp (Provisional)
      1st Bombardment Sq (Provisional)
      2nd Bombardment Sq (Provisional)
      3d Bombardment Sq (Provisional)
      4th Bombardment Sq (Provisional)
3d Fighter Gp (Provisional)
      7th Fighter Sq (Provisional)
      8th Fighter Sq (Provisional)
      28th Fighter Sq (Provisional)
      32nd Fighter Sq (Provisional)
5th Fighter Gp (Provisional)
      17th Fighter Sq (Provisional)
      26th Fighter Sq (Provisional)
      27th Fighter Sq (Provisional)
      29th Fighter Sq (Provisional)
    P-40 Warhawk, 1943–1945
    P-51 Mustang, 1944–1945
    B-25 Mitchell, 1943–1945

Most CACW bases existed near the boundary of Japanese-Occupied China, and one "Valley Field" existed in an area within Japanese-held territory. Specific field locations include Hanchung, Ankang, Hsian, Laohokow, Enshih, Liangshan, Peishyi, Chihkiang, Hengyang, Kweilin, Liuchow, Chanyi, Suichwan, and Lingling

Operations history
Aircraft assigned to the CACW included late-model P-40 Warhawks (with the Nationalist Chinese Air Force 12-pointed star national insignia, rudder markings and squadron/aircraft numbering) and B-25 "Mitchell" medium bombers. The Mitchells included the standard B-25D, the B-25H (equipped with a 75-millimeter cannon in the nose), and the B-25J. Like the CACW's fighters, most B-25's bore the Nationalist Chinese star insignia on the wings and fuselage. In late 1944, USAAF-marked P-51 Mustangs began to be assigned to CACW pilots – first, P-51B and C models, then, in early 1945, "D" and "K" model (sharing many of the external characteristics of the "D" model aircraft including the bubble canopy) reduced-weight versions. All U.S. pilots assigned to the CACW were listed as rated pilots in Chinese Air Force, and were authorized to wearing both nations' pilot's wings.

During its year and a half of operations, the Chinese and American airmen of the CACW could claim the destruction of 190 Japanese aircraft in air-to-air combat, and 301 more on the ground. The fighters and bombers of the CACW had destroyed at least 1500 Japanese vehicles and sunk several hundred thousand tons of Japanese merchant and naval shipping, in addition they had taken a heavy toll on Japanese ground troops, facilities, railroads and bridges. In that same time, they had lost 35 fighters and 8 bombers to enemy ground fire, and 20 fighters to Japanese aircraft. However, not a single CACW bomber had been lost to enemy fighters, a tribute to the abilities of the Wing's B-25 aircrews, and the quality of the escort protection provided by the Wing's fighter pilots.

The most successful fighter pilot of the CACW was Lt. Colonel William N. Reed, who had first fought in China as a member of the AVG. As a "Flying Tiger," Reed had destroyed 3 Japanese aircraft in aerial combat and 8 more on the ground. Then returning to China to command the CACW's 7th Fighter Squadron and eventually its 3d Fighter Group, he would destroy an additional 6 Japanese aircraft in aerial combat. According to the book "China Bombers" by Ken Daniels, Reed was killed while parachuting from a disabled P-40 on December 19, 1944.

Glad I could help ID this one - Brian

Info from submitter:
Leather Multi-piece CBI Patch - Green Dragon. Chinese flair to design.
CBI 'In theater' produced


Can You Help ID It?

Please help identify the unit this patch is from if you can.
If you know the Squadron, Group, Air Wing, or Air Force, or if USN or USMC, or any other information, please contact me so that I can post it and pass the information along to the friends & families of the original member of the unit whose patch has been passed down to them with little or no identification.
**When contacting me re: an unknown patch shown here, please be sure to list both the title and the unique "Product Code" (found towards the bottom of each listing). This will ensure I know which exact patch your are helping ID.

*** If you also have a patch that you would like to have ID'd, please follow this link for the procedure to get it listed here. Squadron Patch ID SERVICE

Please check the other UNKNOWN PATCHES on my website as well.

Re: Sales of these unknown patches.  If the quantity is listed as "0 - SOLD OUT", then it is a patch that has been submitted by someone else, and it is not for sale.  Patches that indicate they are for sale, are mine, and are indeed for sale and available for immediate purchase through the normal shopping cart checkout procedure.

WWII Patch, Unknown unit

Price: $350.00

Product Code: PatchAVG.1.8fs3fgCACW.ChineseAmericanCompositeWingCBI.LEATHE
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