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WWII Patch, AAF, 1 SQ, 14th AAFFTD - 1st Squadron, 14th Army Air Forces Field Training Detachment, War Eagle Field, Lancaster, CA

WWII Patch, AAF, 1 SQ, 14th AAFFTD - 1st Squadron, 14th Army Air Forces Field Training Detachment, War Eagle Field, Lancaster, CA

Product Information
WWII US Army Air Force Squadron Patch
US AAF  USAAF  1st Squadron, 14th Army Air Forces Field Training Detachment, War Eagle Field, Lancaster, CA
US AAF  USAAF  1 SQ, 14th AAFFTD = Army Air Force Flying Training Detachment, Lockheed Field, Burbank, CA
Training Squadron
believed to be a Walt Disney Design - Airplane reading "How To Fly" book. "WAR EAGLE FIELD - 1"
5 1/8 inches

Polaris Flight Academy Chosen As Training Base
Polaris Flight Academy Chosen as Basic Training Base For United States Army Air Cadets

LANCASTER - 1942 - At the request of the West Coast Air Force Training Center, Polaris War Eagle Flight Academy at Lancaster will become a basic training school for cadets of the United States Army Air Force, commencing about August 10th, according to an announcement made public Tuesday of this week by Frank Lowe of the Cal-Aero Schools, speaking for Major C. C. Moseley, president. Every four and one-half weeks a new group of US pilots will arrive at Lancaster to commence their basic training. After completing their course here, they will sent to Army Advance Training posts where upon completion of their advance course, they will receive their wings and commission.

A very interesting story posted on another website - follow this link for the whole story:
On March 13, 1999, I received the following letter from an aviation archeologist in England. As further described below, he discovered the crash site of a Airspeed Oxford and while investigating the 60-year old site, uncovered the pilot's training certificate from the US Polaris Flight Academy at War Eagle Field. What an incredible story and an amazing discovery!

War Eagle Field is a former airfield located in the Mojave Desert, about 5-mile (8.0 km) west of Lancaster, California. It is currently used as a detention facility.

Polaris Flight Academy, which opened on the field's grounds on July 15, 1941, trained cadets for the Royal Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force. (The school also used two auxiliary fields, Liberty Field and Victory Field.) The airfield had two hard-surfaced bituminous runways, one of 3,100' aligned NE/SW (05/23) the other of 2,950' aligned E/W (09/27).

After the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor, the flight school began training cadets for the United States Army Air Forces on 28 July 1942, being operated by the Polaris Flight Academy as a contract basic flying school (phase 1). The primary trainer in use was the BT-13 Valiant.

In 1944, the flight school changed its name to Mira Loma Flight Academy. The airfield inactivated on 1 October 1945, and was declared surplus in 1946. Responsibility for it was given to the War Assets Administration. The land was bought by Los Angeles County. The airfield was converted to a detention facility, and it continues to be used for that purpose.

Many wartime buildings, including two still intact hangars are still in use On the roof of one of the hangars, the name "War Eagle" is still faintly perceptible. Flight operations continue at the airfield with a helicopter pad, used by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.

War Eagle Field was the site of a contract flying school, Polaris Flight Academy, which was one of four schools operated by the Cal-Aero Flight Academy, headquartered at Glendale's Grand Central Air Terminal. The civilian schools were contracted by the US & foreign militaries to provide flight training for military cadets.

War Eagle Field opened in 1941. It initially provided training to British & Canadian cadets. In 1942, following the United States' entry into the war, it also began the training of US Army Air Forces cadets. The War Eagle Flight Academy became at the time the only civilian school in the United States to handle basic training of Army pilots.

Upon accepting the new role, construction commenced to double the size of the base.

The airfield at War Eagle Field was centered around two large hangars at the northwest end of the site. A 2,400' long ramp just south of the hangars was oriented northeast/southwest, and the two 2,400' runways extended to the east & south away from the ramp.

Every four & one-half weeks a new group of US pilots would arrive at Lancaster to commence their basic training. After completing their course here, they were sent to Army Advance Training bases where upon completion of their advance course they received their wings & commission. The Vultee BT-13 was the predominant trainer aircraft used at War Eagle Field.

There were two other auxiliary landing fields associated with War Eagle Field: Liberty Field & Victory Field. Liberty Field is located 8 miles northeast of War Eagle Field. The location of Victory Field has not been determined.

In 1944, the name of the Polaris Flight Academy was changed to Mira Loma Flight Academy.

The facility was closed in 1945 at the end of World War II.

War Eagle Airport, located five miles west of Lancaster, was used by the Army Air Forces as a training field. There was an auxiliary field, Liberty Auxiliary Field #1, four miles south of Rosamond, CA.

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Product Code: PatchAAF.0001.1SQ.14AAFFTD.WarEagleField.LancasterCA
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